Since starting his business in 2019, Joe Voth has already scored four unique projects for screen and stage, and he's looking to take on more.

Having written music since he was a little boy, Voth's compositions have been described as "hauntingly beautiful, ominously chilling; sentimental and soul-stirring". He knew that he wanted to be a film composer ever since, at the age of fourteen, an adult musician came across some of his material and told him: "Get this to a professional arranger now. There could be use for this in movies or in concerts. Seriously. It's that good." Listed below is a record of Joe's most prominent filmography. 

For a complete record, view Joe's page on IMDB.

"Nicholas and Alexandra"

"Nicholas and Alexandra" is an original musical from the brilliant mind of Minnesota Representative Sandra Feist. Based on Robert K. Massie's biography, the stage show tells the intimate story of the Romanov Dynasty's last days.


This provocative saga about love, faith, and addiction is a heartbreaking and challenging tale, starring many of the Twin Cities' most outstanding actors. Coming soon in 2022 to retail outlets near you.

"Beguiled Company"

"Beguiled Company" is a well constructed Twin Cities indie feature. It was Joe's first paid feature film commission, and he worked tirelessly to create a unique and off-putting rock score to match this unnerving political thriller. Now available on select streaming services.

"Family Man"

"Family Man" is a British action short, written and directed by the talented Jarod Parker Jefferies. It was Joe's very first paid commission, and he is proud to call his his debut film score. Available on select streaming services.