Music Lessons

Piano Lessons

Joe Voth Music offers the best piano lessons in Uptown with age appropriate curriculums on Casio CGP-700s.  Joe teaches all styles, and is committed to helping every student become the pianist they want to be. He utilizes quick, effective, and thorough instruction to get students to achieve their goals in a way that is faster, more fun, and more personalized than any corporatized music school in the Twin Cities.

Voice Lessons

Joe Voth Music is the place to take voice lessons for anyone who has always wanted to be a better singer in any style! All voice students set individual goals to work on improving their technique, preparing for auditions and performances, and growing into their own special voice.

Beginning Guitar Lessons

Joe Voth Music offers a practical and easy-going introduction to the guitar that will prepare students of all ages for specialized study in a fun and engaging environment! Learn about chord structure, picking, and the fundamentals of music all in one!

Violin Lessons

Explore classical violin or fiddle technique with Joe Voth Music! Learn first hand that anyone who can make a violin squeak can make it sing! Take an exploratory, hands on approach to the violin that involves playing many different styles and composers, while diving head first into the violin's rich history and importance as an instrument.

Why choose a PRIVATE Instructor?

On average, less than half of what music schools charge goes to the teacher. In most cases, teachers will receive around 40% of what their teaching makes the company. What this means is that private music instructors are able to charge you significantly less money, while still generating considerably more revenue to support themselves. And your money goes to the person teaching you and your children; no one else.

Private instructors are a better option than music centers because: